There’s so much in this business that we actors/models can’t control… But the few things that we can, we should! Having a resource like OTB is something I RELY on – to deliver great work, on time. Bruno and the OTB folks always do a fantastic job on my comp cards and anyone in the business should be using them. Great work, super fair prices, and reliable (even to ship to me all the way in NYC)!
-Michael Padula, AE Networks

My name is June and I live in Parker, CO where my nine year old daughter is training for a big acting and modeling expo. She had some fabulous shots taken of her, but we couldn’t get anyone to print them in a timely manner for us … we were in a BIG pinch! Jeannie Frawley referred me to Bruno Ruggiero and told me he was the best and boy was she right! Bruno answered my call on the first ring, was kind and his prices are amazing! He put me at ease right away and said it was no problem for him to get me prints within a week. I sent him the pics and he emailed me back proofs within the hour! He even did a great job picking out the best pics of our daughter for her headshots/comp cards. I recommend Bruno Ruggiero strongly and will never use anyone else ever again! He is professional, fairly priced and an extremely kind person which is HUGE in my book. Thanks Bruno!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the prints and resume formatted on my daughter’s headshots. They were creative, unique, and of the highest quality I have ever seen. Prior to placing my order, I called a couple of times for general questions and each time the phone only rang once before it was answered. Bruno was very professional, patient, enthused to be of service, trustworthy, helped me place the right order for what my daughter needed, and showed a genuine interest. Additionally, the prices are more than reasonable and affordable for any budget. To have quality work and great customer service is something rare these days but not with OTB Creative Services. This is going to be the company I use for life!
– Breanne, Texas

With my son being new to the modeling/acting scene and getting ready for the Dallas Expo, I wasn’t sure what is hype and what is real. We didn’t know what to order, from whom or how to put it all together. Bruno held our hand along the way and gave us great recommendations, without over selling. They arrived quicker than expected and the photo clarity is fantastic! Bruno is our go to guy for all things print! Thanks, Bruno!
– Stacy, Texas

I was pressed for time for my daughters expo 3 weeks away and needed comp cards and head shots. Never heard of Bruno but he was recommended on the site for convention. Going out of my comfort zone and not researching or anything I placed my order with him. Not only did I get a great deal, I got them before expo and they looked amazing! Above and beyond my expectations!!! I will be using Bruno for all my printing needs for her portfolio and more comp cards and head shots. He is worth every penny and then some!! Thank you so much Bruno for everything. The phone calls you returned within minutes and all the on point information. Put this mom at ease!!
– Melissa, Shreveport, Louisiana

At POSCHE MODELS INTL, we take a managerial approach to a models development and career. Imaging and packaging are everything! The agents move at light speed so it is imperative to find companies like OTB Creative Services who understand our needs and able to provide flexible and intuitive creative options. Always professional, personable, and quick turn around times. Thanks OTB!
-Tyler Molinari, Posche Models

As a professional photographer…quality printing on a comp card or headshot is the final gratification of photographing models and actors. I take pride in referring my clients to Bruno knowing they will get great customer service and industry leading printing.

Great experience with Bruno. He worked really hard and really helped me to put my headshot and resume together. Great personal experience and put a a lot into what I wanted. Definetly would recommend OTB to anybody and everybody. Very experienced and professional and it shows in the product. Very happy and will use Bruno for all my professional needs.
– Craig Moore, Texas

What can I say about this amazing company…? Well, there’s a lot I can say, but I can only say so much at one time. Well, for one, Bruno was just so kind when it came to me and my daughter. He was patient with us, helped with ordering our headshots, and picked up the phone after one ring! Afterwards, when we got the headshots, we were stunned at the amazing quality! It was creative, cute, and looked stunning. He also chooses the best photos for her portfolio prints. Bruno and the OTB are simply amazing. They are the first and only printing service I’ve ever used, and they are the only printing service I ever WILL use. They have done nothing but be amazing, and they continue to do nothing but be amazing. I would recommend OTB Creative Services to anyone who needed headshots, and quickly.
– Gifty Q-S, Maryland

Customer Service means everything to me and OTB creative services went above and beyond my expectations! From answering all of my many questions to guiding me through the ordering process, OTB was FANTASTIC! I definitely recommend their services and will tell my friends and family about OTB. I am excited to view the finished products and look forward to working with OTB for all my future printing needs.
– Lucille, Denver

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